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The Best Hard Water Solution…? Is NOT a Water Softener

The best hard water solution is not technically a water softener – it’s a water conditioner! Water softeners add salt to soften water but cause more environmental problems; reverse osmosis filtration systems waste more water than they produce; magnetic systems only soften water when water is close to the magnet; and all of them depend on electricity!

Then there is NLP Aqua Solutions – the anti-water softener. There are all of them and then there’s us – the best option!

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Stop Equipment Failure Now!

When equipment comes into contact with hard water, problems will eventually occur. Where ever there is hard water there is scale build up… and scale build up causes equipment failure!

Right across the board from industry to agriculture – pipes, tubing, pivots, pads and seals get scale buildup which causes equipment failure and adds billions of hours and dollars to maintenance costs. Find out how businesses worldwide have found a safe, effective, affordable solution.

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